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Amber Shemesh, a member of family law attorneys of M&A Law Firm just obtained a great result on a child support modification matter in Collin County for one of our clients. Attorney Shemesh has represented clients for child modifications in different counties of Texas, including Dallas, Collin, Tarrant, and Denton.


Parents cannot decide to change a court ordered document without a judge signing off on it—typically at the same court where the original document was ordered. In order for a child support agreement to be altered, proof must be given to show there has been a significant change in one or both of the parties’ circumstances. For example, if one parent lost their job, received a higher paying position, or a significantly lower paying position, they may file for modifying the agreement. As a child grows, their needs change. If the expense to support a child or children has increased, parents may request a modification of the child support order. Sometimes children decide to move their residence from the initial parent housing them, to the parent who has been ordered to pay their child support. All of these reasons and more may be cited as grounds for requesting modifications to an original child support agreement. A request in child support can be made any time before the child is 18.


Amber ShemeshIf a formal court signed order is not made, informal agreements between parents will not stop child support agencies from collecting support money from the responsible spouse. If they do not pay it, they will owe the unpaid amount with interest. A request for modification may be filed with a court. There are different types of requests depending on the other party. If it is an agreed modification request, only one party needs to bring the papers to court with proof the other party has consented to the agreement. If one party is asking for the agreement, the other party may be served a notice to attend a court hearing to present their case on why or why not they think the modifications are appropriate. At the end, it will be up to the judge’s discretion to grant or deny the request. Typically, with agreed modifications, the process is quick and simple. Whatever the court rules in Texas depends on what will be best for the children involved. Unless parties have agreed otherwise on an amount approved by the court, child support is 20%-45% (one to six children respectively) of a parent’s income depending on how many children are involved.


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