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Calculate Texas Child Support Payments

Texas Child Support Payments Calculator

Calculate the Texas child support payments for your kids using our calculator here. We have put together this calculator for you to get an idea about the probable amount of child support payments for your children. Fill out the form with you Net Income, Number of Children, Monthly Health Insurance Premium, and calculate the amount of child support payment.


Annual Net Income of Non-custodial Parent:

Number of Children:

Monthly Health Insurance Expenses:

Who Pays for the Health Insurance?




The purpose of this calculator is for informational and educational purposes only, and it should not constitute as legal advice. The calculations of this child support calculator is based on statutory guidelines, and only court has the final authority to determine the correct amount of child support awarded based on your circumstances. The number you see here is only an estimate and is not a guarantee of the amount of the child support that will be awarded. There might be other factors that may affect the amount of your child support.



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