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The team of experienced family law attorneys of MAS Law Firm have represented clients across Dallas, Collin, Denton, and Tarrant counties of Dallas Fort-Worth area for their child support matters. Our attorneys have helped clients with setting up child support agreements as a part of their divorce matter or to make modifications of existing court ordered child support agreements. Our clients include parents receiving child support and parents paying child support for their children. Our child support attorneys have helped fathers and mothers in receiving or opposing a child support order, making changes to an existing court ordered child support agreement, or enforcing an order for child support payments.


Over the years, our Dallas child support lawyers have experienced that some child support matters may be resolved without going to court, while some can be complex, involving complicated calculations of income and child custody matters. Child support issues are extremely complicated and emotionally challenging when a couple is going through the divorce. As a full service law firm, we also provide contested and uncontested divorce services. We describe all the legal and emotional complications related to the child support based on our client’s particular situation.



Our child support attorneys have also seen situations where a single parent comes across a financial setback when the other parent refuses to keep up with the child support payments. In situations like these, an attorney can help you with enforcement of your child support agreement to make sure that your children’s financial needs are taken care of. If you or a loved one is in a situation where your child’s financial needs are in jeopardy due to unpaid child support, you need the help of an experienced child support attorney. Our dedicated team of attorneys can assist you with taking the right legal path for your child support matter.


Often due to change in the life or financial conditions of either parents, a formally enforced child support agreement needs to be modified. The need can arise due to financial reasons involving: change in income of either parents, or change in cost of raising a child due to healthcare or day care expenses; living reasons including change in the number of overnight visits with the parent paying the child support; in case one of the children has emancipated; or it has been three (3) years since the last review of the child support agreement. Our child support attorneys have helped our clients in modifying their child support agreements due to the changes in their lives. The experience of working on hundreds of cases across different counties of Dallas Fort-Worth and the dedication our family law team, makes M&A Law Firm your ideal choice for the child support case of your children.



If you are a parent that is making child support payments, but can no longer afford to meet the monthly obligation due to life changes like, change/loss of job, pay cut, or a major medical event, you can have a knowledgeable child support attorney help you petition for a modification to the child support order. Our child support lawyers of Dallas, have represented clients in different counties of Dallas Fort-Worth for the modification of their child support agreements. We have helped parents that have experienced life changing events modify their child support agreements to adjust the new changes in their lives.


Our team of experienced child support attorneys of Dallas offer a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION to all our potential clients. This FREE CONSULTATION gives a chance to our clients to discuss their cases with us and receive the legal opinion of our experienced team. You can schedule a FREE CONSULTATION appointment with our attorneys by calling at 972.789.1664, emailing at contact@dallasarealaw.com, or by filing out a form on this page. We look forward to provide you a dedicated and cost-effective legal service for your child support matter. We also offer INSTALLMENT PLANS for the convenience of our clients.


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